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News article19 March 2018

JRC released new certified reference materials for automotive diesel fuel testing

New CRM for automotive diesel fuel testing
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The JRC released two new Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for automotive diesel fuel containing 7 % biodiesel, so-called 'diesel (B7)'. These CRMs will support fuel producers and fuel testing laboratories in assuring the quality of their measurements, thus improving trust in the regulatory compliance of this product on the market.

In recent years quality requirements of automotive diesel fuel have become considerably important. Fuels may only be placed on the market if they comply with the specifications set out in the fuel quality directive (Dir 2009/30/EC). While various specifications limit certain fuel properties to meet environmental objectives, there are also specifications that control the performance properties of diesel fuel to ensure that it performs satisfactorily across a broad range of engine applications. Its observance is a prerequisite for a failure-free operation of vehicles, as well as delivering human health and environmental benefits.

Member States have to monitor compliance with the requirements on the basis of the analytical methods which are laid down in the European standard EN 590. However, the availability and use of these standard methods do not per se guarantee reliable measurement results. It is widely accepted that laboratories need to demonstrate their proficiency in the application of standard methods. Hence, CRMs are needed to give laboratories the possibility to demonstrate their method proficiency and proper working of their instruments.

JRC scientists have therefore developed and certified two new reference materials for diesel (B7). ERM-EF003 is certified for selected chemical and physical parameters specified in EN 590, i.e. the volume fraction of the fatty acid methyl ester content, the mass fraction of mono-aromatic hydrocarbon, di-aromatic hydrocarbon, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, and total aromatic hydrocarbon content, and density, kinematic viscosity, and lubricity. ERM-EF004 is certified for the cold filter plugging point and cloud point. The provision of these materials will support the creation of a harmonised measurement system. The regular use of them will enforce measurement results that are consistent over time and comparable between locations, thus improving trust in the regulatory compliance of products on the market.

Details about material sampling, processing, characterisation and certification are described in the certification reports, available together with the certificates in the online catalogue.

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Publication date
19 March 2018