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Artykuł prasowy13 czerwca 2022Wspólne Centrum Badawcze

Mediocre yield outlook for winter crops in Ukraine

The June edition of the JRC MARS Bulletin in the global outlook series on Ukraine, shows poor yield outlook for winter crops in central and western Ukraine due to adverse weather conditions. Fair yields expected in the east of the country.

rural landscape
Wheat production in Ukraine likely to be affected by adverse weather conditions.
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This issue of the Bulletin contains novel elements, such as tabulated yield and production forecasts at oblast level and an appendix on an analysis using Copernicus Sentinel data to estimate crop area and crop phenology.

Main findings

Regional yield forecast

  • Below average in central and western oblasts
  • Fair in the eastern half of the country

Country level yield forecast

  • Close to the 5-year average, but below the historical trend and well below last year’s record level.

Current and expected above-average temperatures could - depending on their magnitude – further reduce the yield potential

Mars bulletin crop impact Ukraine

Production forecast

In terms of production, this translates to a forecast at national level of:
- 26.88 Mt of wheat
- 6.66 Mt of barley
- 3.75Mt of rapeseed

About 22% of the forecast soft wheat production, 19% of the forecast winter barley, and 13% of the forecast rapeseed production is in areas that are currently subject to hostilities due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Hostilities have also led to a sharp decrease in the area sown to spring and summer crops, which will lead to a lower production of spring barley, grain maize, sunflowers and soybeans.

Table Mars bulletin June 2022 crops in Ukraine

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13 czerwca 2022
Wspólne Centrum Badawcze