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IATA - Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment

Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) are flexible approaches for chemical safety assessment based on the integration and translation of the data derived from multiple methods and sources.

In addition to traditional in vitro and in vivo tests, IATA can incorporate new approach methodologies such as high throughput screening and high content imaging methods, along with computational methods that are used not only for data generation, but also interpretation and integration.

IATA components may also include defined approaches, which are rule-based approaches that make predictions based on multiple sources of data. The design and application of IATA involves a degree of expert judgement.

The development of guidance on IATA is ongoing, as experience is developed and shared, for example via the OECD.

Increasingly IATAs are based on methods that measure or predict Key Events in Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) relevant to the biological effect of interest. The JRC is contributing to the OECD programmes on AOPs and IATA.