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Education and culture are essential to develop a more inclusive, cohesive and competitive Europe. In 2017, at the Gothenburg Social Summit, the European Commission laid out its vision for 2025 of a European Education Area in which the free movement of learners is guaranteed: “A continent where spending time in another Member State – to study, to learn or to work – has become the standard and where, in addition to one's mother tongue, speaking two other languages has become the norm. A continent in which people have a strong sense of their identity as Europeans, of Europe's cultural heritage and its diversity.”

To take forward this work in the field of higher education, the European Commission is currently working on three key priorities that will boost mobility and student exchanges for all:

  • A Network of European Universities
  • The automatic mutual recognition of diplomas (Bologna Process)
  • A European Student Card

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Nuclear Higher Education

EHRO-N is currently in collaboration with European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) and EUTERP foundation (Radiation Protection) conducting a survey with the aim of establishing a comprehensive updated overview of higher education in the nuclear field including number of graduates.