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Antonio F. Amores

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Antonio F. Amores is an economic analyst at the Fiscal Policy Analysis team of the Directorate for Growth and Innovation. He currently focusses on Indirect and Green Taxation (developing the Euromod microsimulation model Indirect Tax Tool and linking emissions to it). He contributed to the Impact Assessment of the Debt-Equity Bias Reduction Allowance initiative (using CORTAX applied general equilibrium model).

He has also wide experience in projects related with supply-use and input-output Tables, both, on the production side like the FIGARO tables (Eurostat Inter-Country Input-Output Tables) or the WIOD Environmental Accounts; or on the practitioner side, like the FIDELIO (Econometric IO) model or Trade-SCAN (a tool for easy Global Value Chains analysis). Moreover, he led a project on Productivity.

He has provided the scientific background and analysis of Commission official policy documents in different fields, like International Trade and Internal Market, Productivity and Competitiveness or Energy and Emissions.

Antonio previously worked for the Andalusian Regional Statistical Office and the Spanish Trade and Economic Office (Embassy of Spain in Chile). He is also Associate Professor in Pablo de Olavide University (Seville, Spain) with more than ten years’ of active experience in Quantitative Methods for Economics, on permanent special leave to serve at the European Commission since 2012. He was a visiting researcher at Tilburg University (the Netherlands).

He holds a European PhD in Economics. His dissertation focused on Efficiency Analysis, Stochastic Input-Output Analysis, Econometrics and Simulation, micro-macro data linking, Agricultural Policy and Environmental Economics. He received the award to best doctoral dissertation and prizes from GTAP centre, Unicaja bank or the Hispanic IO Analysis Society (SHAIO).

Antonio often represented the JRC in the Eurostat National Accounts Working Group, the European Technical Group on Supply-Use and Input-Output Tables, the European Task Forces on Productivity Indicators and on Non Financial Assets and Depreciation of Capital Stocks or the G20 Digital Economy Task Force. He has been council member in the Hispanic IO Analysis Society and sequentially newsletter editor and certificates coordinator at the Internaional School for Input-Output Analysis.

1 APRÍL 2022
Antonio Amores CV
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