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Course on Accelerators and neutron time-of-flight experiments

The course objective is to train young students or professionals in nuclear data measurements at a neutron time-of-flight facility.

The course is aimed at the use of neutron resonance spectroscopy for an analysis of materials and objects.


The course consists of lectures and a practical part. 

The lectures cover the following topics:  

  • the importance of nuclear data for nuclear energy applications;  

  • safety aspects of measurements at an accelerator facility 

  • neutron sources for nuclear data measurements 

  • time-of-flight technique 

  • neutron detection techniques 

  • neutron resonance spectroscopy 

The practical exercise is done at the GELINA time-of-flight facility. It includes: 

  • participation in a neutron transmission time-of-flight experiment 

  • interpretation and analysis of the data 

Course organisation:

It is a two-day course provided once in two years.  


The course is delivered by the EC JRC.G.2 unit and takes place at the accelerator facility GELINA of the JRC Geel (BE). 

Target groups:

The course is open to students of Master's programmes in Nuclear Engineering or nuclear researchers at the beginning of their career. If requested, the course can also be made available to other students holding a 5-year Master in Engineering degree from a European university.

Course language: 


Fees and charges: 

The course is cost-free.