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Working Paper Series

The JRC Working paper series on Social Classes in the Digital Age (DCLASS) addresses socioeconomic and policy questions related to the role of social classes in contemporary societies, with a particular focus on the challenges posed by technological transformations. The working paper series welcomes original contributions from different disciplines, including sociology, economics and political science. In addition, both original theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome.

Working papers are useful to communicate and disseminate to a broad audience the preliminary research findings of the work developed by the team and external contributions to generate discussion and attract critical comments for further improvements. Therefore, the working papers are considered work in progress and are subject to peer-review (internal and external).

Working papers are published with a free licence, and authors can, of course, reuse the material for publication in academic journals.

Download the guidelines:

(253.7 KB - PDF)

All submissions should be in English and sent to with "Working Paper Series Submission" as the subject.

Policy Briefs

Here we will publish policy briefs covering pressing issues for the European Commission that are related to the research lines of the DIGCLASS Project.


Here we will publish reports summarising the workshops, seminars and other activities organised by the DIGCLASS Project.