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Eco-systems of science for policy - Zooming in on single country's eco-system

Covid-19 has demonstrated in what diverse manners science for policy eco-systems in different countries have provided evidence to policymakers. "Single ecosystem" workshops focus on casting a holistic view on the existing eco-system in a single Member State.

These workshops will bring together one country's policymakers and practitioners working at the interface of science and policy at a diverse range of institutions with leading experts and practitioners in the field, aiming at connecting and strengthening diverse parts of a specific Member State's science for policy eco-system.


Register online for the workshop series.

Workshop mode

The virtual "single eco-system" workshops, scheduled for a duration of 2.5 hours, will be guided by the following questions:

  • What are the most important actors, structures and processes in the Member State's ‘eco-system’?
  • What are the obstacles, what the drivers of evidence-informed policy-making?
  • What concrete projects and lesson learning could be done in view of international experience? How could we sketch this out? What steps need to be taken?

These workshops will be discussed in a mix of break-out groups and plenary discussions.


"Single eco-system" workshops will be launched in September-October 2020. The selection of country cases is still to be discussed with interested parties.

  • 20 October 2020 "Science for policymaking in Belgium"
  • March 2021 "Science for policymaking in Estonia"
  • April 2021 "Science for policymaking in Denmark"
  • May 2021 "Science for policymaking in Latvia"
  • June 2021 "Science for policymaking in Greece"