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SIMLAB and other software


We would like to inform you that the SIMLAB 2.2 software for global sensitivity analysis is no longer available for downloading. Currently, no other software is available.
For any information on our activities, please send an email at ec-sensitivity-analysisatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (subject: Request%20for%20information%20on%20Sensitivity%20Analysis%20activities) (ec-sensitivity-analysis[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

Other routines for Sensitivity Analysis

Sobol' sensitivity analysis package with GUI at the Imperial College London

Saltelli & Jansen formulas (sequential estimation of first and total effects) in Matlab (2013)

Saltelli & Jansen formulas (sequential estimation of first and total indices) in R (2013) Scatter-plot smoothing for first order indices in Matlab (Becker, 2013)First and higher order sensitivities from given samples in Matlab (Elmar Plischke, 2012)Delta importance measure with given data in Matlab (Plischke et al., 2013)Graphical tools for sensitivity analysis in Matlab (2012)Derivative-based measures (Kucherenko and Sobol) in Matlab (2013)Random Balance Design [RBD] (first order effects) in Matlab (2007)Saltelli and Jansen's formulas (first, higher order and total order effects with bootstrap estimates of sensitivity confidence bounds) in Matlab (2011)Classic FAST (first order effects) in F77 Link to Extended FAST in Matlab at The University of Michigan Medical School: http://malthus.micro.med.umich.edu/lab/usadata/Extended FAST (first order and total effects) in F77Scripts to link Simlab 2.2 with MatlabQuasi-random sequence generator by Sobol' (up to 51 dimensions in Matlab and FORTRAN)LevelE computer code (Fortran 77)Library of test functions for sensitivity analysis in F90 (2011)Library of test functions for sensitivity analysis in Matlab (2011)Screening (Morris, extended by Campolongo et al. 2007) (Matlab)MATLAB scripts used at the SAMO school (Florence, September 2010)