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SELFIE for Teachers is a free tool to help teachers reflect upon their digital competence and how they integrate digital technologies for innovative and effective teaching and learning. ​

With SELFIE, teachers can take a snapshot of where they stand in their use of digital technologies, taking also into consideration the latest trends in pedagogy.​

This process can help teachers to reflect on their strengths as well as to devise action plans that would help them to improve further.​

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Completing the self-reflection takes around 20 minutes. This can be done in one or more sessions as all answers can be saved

On completing the statements, the teacher automatically receives a report on their proficiency level in each of the areas with suggested next steps. This report is for the teacher alone and is not shared unless the teacher chooses to do so.

The tool is not designed to assess performance but to empower teachers to reflect on digital technologies use. Based on their results, teachers can design their learning pathways to further develop their digital competence and confidence.

The tool can be used by individual teachers or by a team of teachers within the same school. Answers provided are always anonymous.

When signing up to use the tool, teachers are asked if they agree to their anonymised data being used for policy and research purposes.

Everyone completing SELFIE for Teachers can receive a certificate and a digital badge for taking part. Teachers can complete the self-reflection on a regular basis to monitor progress and pinpoint further professional learning needs.

SELFIE for Teachers is based on the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators