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ENSEMBLE Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII)

The Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative (AQMEII) aims at promoting research on regional air quality model evaluation across the European and North American atmospheric modelling communities.

This is achieved through the exchange of information on practices, the realization of inter-community activities and the identification of research priorities, keeping in focus policy needs.

The activity is organized around the concept of Operational, Diagnostic, Dynamic and Probabilistic evaluation defined by Dennis et al. (2010).

AQMEII was first discussed in the Research Triangle Park (US) EPA meeting (August 2007) and in the first AQMEII workshop held in Stresa (Italy) in April 2009.

AQMEII is coordinated by two chairs, one for North America and the other for Europe.

It is supported by the Joint Research Centre/IES, Environment Canada and US-EPA that act as regional focal points.

The results of AQMEII are available to the scientific community in general at academic, institutional or private-sector levels.