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ToxRTool - Toxicological data reliability assessment tool

ToxRTool provides comprehensive criteria and guidance for assessing the reliability of toxicological data.

The software-based tool “ToxRTool” (Toxicological data Reliability Assessment Tool) provides comprehensive criteria and guidance for evaluations of the inherent quality of toxicological data, thus making the decision process of assigning reliability categories more transparent and harmonised.

ToxRTool consists of two parts, one to evaluate in vivo and one to evaluate in vitro data.

The primary result of the tool is the assignment of Klimisch categories 1, 2 or 3 (Klimisch et al., 1997). Additionally, the tool offers the option to assign a Klimisch category according to personal judgement.

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Supporting materials

ToxRTool - user manual

Schneider et al., 2009, “ToxRTool”, a new tool to assess the reliability of toxicological data, Toxicology Letters, 189(2), 138-144.