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iRESIST+ cultural heritage buildings

Combined seismic and energy retrofitting is of particular relevance to EU cultural heritage buildings. iRESIST+ has actively contributed to key events and documents of the European cultural heritage agenda. The JRC was invited to present the iRESIST+ project at the first meeting of the Expert Group on Cultural Heritage (E03650), which was formed to advise on issues related to the Commission’s Staff Working Document (SWD)European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage. In this Framework for Action, upgrading the European built heritage from the seismic safety and energy efficiency viewpoints, is acknowledged within the Action Plan of the SWD, specifically on CLUSTER OF ACTIONS 9: Protecting cultural heritage against natural disasters and climate change, referring explicitly to iRESIST+. Moreover, the scientific activities of the JRC on innovative seismic and energy retrofitting of existing buildings, have a strong impact in formulating both the Orientation Paper and the Final Action Plan of the EU Urban Partnership (UP) on Culture and Cultural Heritage. Specifically, several parts of the Better Knowledge Actions 8 and 9 of the latter policy document are based and directly refer to the iRESIST+ project outputs and its novel approach to the combined seismic and energy retrofitting of existing historical buildings.

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