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The Gems of Water: engaging citizens to monitor water quality

This project by the JRC Water Laboratory promotes an inclusive and participatory approach to water quality science

The Gems of Water stories

Costa Rica sampling

"In my case, at one of the points the extraction was complicated since the river changed and we could not reach it safely. Thanks to the help of a local, we were able to extract the sample from above a bridge with a fishing line. It was a beautiful experience. When there was something to solve, creativity was key to achieving it. Everyone's flexibility and enthusiasm was a plus. These insights will be valuable for future projects."

- Maria, Coral Conservation

How to become a Gem of Water

Citizens can receive a tool kit with instructions and protocols to become their own water scientists!

A tool kit with instructions and protocols to become Gems of Water scientists
General publications24 May 2024
The Gems of Water: How to become a gem of water?

By becoming a water scientist, you will:

  • receive a kit and lab tools to collect samples of nearby water sources
  • extract the pollutants and send to JRC scientists
  • have a virtual lab tour at the JRC in Italy, where scientists measure pollutants
  • understand and share results with your community

Contact us to learn about this initiative

JRC-WATERLABatec [dot] europa [dot] eu

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