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European Startup Village Forum

Startup Village Forum

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Past events

SVF - 28 Feb. Brussels

28 Feb 2023: The European Startup Village Forum

This 2023 edition of the Forum will discuss the main elements and enabling conditions of the Startup Village concept through a genuine science-for-policy interaction, supporting the identification and analysis of triggering factors for innovation and startup creation in rural areas.

Hack Start Up Village Event

21-23 Oct 2022: Startup Village Hackathon

How rural areas can become a centre of attraction for startups? During this hackathon, participants will have to create a vision for selected rural or intermediate regions and choose one of the challenges of the AgriFood sector presented by industry companies from all over Europe. The event is organized under the patronage of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

R&I days

28-29 Sep 2022: European Research and Innovation Days 2022

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.

SVF - The Rural Pact conference

15 June 2022: The Rural Pact Conference

The Rural Pact conference will bring together EU, national, and regional politicians along with local authorities, social and economic stakeholders in a participatory event that reflects the rural vision’s ambition and bottom-up character

SVF - 16 November

16 Nov 2021: Launch Event

This launch event of the European Startup Village Forum is specifically aimed at gathering insights on challenges and potentials for rural innovation and rural innovators in a genuine science-for-policy and evidence-for-policy setting.

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The Startup Village Forum team

The Startup Village Forum team
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