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Building Design Competition

© Lorenzo Cafaro

Energy efficiency in buildings is a top priority for energy policy at EU level and important legislative initiatives are in place to increase the diffusion of high energy performance buildings in European building stock. However, the cost for achieving energy efficiency, especially in the field of buildings construction and renovation, is still high and this acts as a barrier in individual investment decisions, which is likely to increase the divide between advantaged and disadvantaged social groups, fostering vicious circles of social exclusions, fuel poverty, precariousness and uncertainty on the future.

The competition aims at challenging that positive energy buildings are luxury goods. Participants are asked to provide innovative projects with the idea of merging affordability, comfort/quality of life and energy performance, with in mind a specific family target (young family) for which all these components are important. Therefore a holistic approach to building design is required.

In particular the promotion of the widespread diffusion of positive energy buildings focusing on very-high energy performance, if not adequately balanced by economic concerns, negatively affects young people in their investment and future life-planning decisions, recognising the key importance of the house and housing decisions in the life of people.

For the purposes of this competition a "positive energy building" is defined as a building that is high energy performance and that produces more energy than it consumes. Therefore, the energy goal will be achieved by using a combination of technologies which reduce energy requirements and on-site renewables energy production.

An affordability criterion is fixed by the requirement of a cost minimizing approach towards maximum overall cost of 80000 euros.

The Competition will serve as a catalyst for demonstration, showcase projects, innovative ideas to merge societal, economic and environmental goals in the field of building design and construction.

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