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Data exchange standardisation Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for maritime surveillance

The JRC provides technical support for the creation of a common information sharing system, jointly developed by the Commission and EU national authorities, in order to harmonise data on maritime surveillance.

The Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for Maritime Surveillance is an ongoing endeavour of the European Commission (since 2009), endorsed by the Council and by the European Parliament, aiming at improving the exchange of information related to the maritime surveillance across borders and across sectors. The aim of integrated maritime surveillance is to generate situational awareness of activities at sea and to facilitate sound decision making in various areas, e.g. maritime safety and security, border control, the marine environment, fisheries control, trade, economic interests, and law enforcement and defence.

At its core, CISE addresses interoperability aspects on four levels: legal, organisational, semantical, and technical. Legal interoperability was addressed by several Communications of the Commission, Council conclusions, and alike. Organisational interoperability which required the involvement of Member States’ authorities, through several meetings, workshops, and projects, and aimed at building awareness and trust about the exchange of information among partners not used to communicate among themselves.

The JRC played a crucial role in designing the needed tools to address the semantic and technical interoperability issues. Through co-chairing more than 20 technical advisory group (TAG) meetings and the collaboration in several projects involving authorities from Member States, the JRC was able to produce the relevant technical documentation, ultimately leading to the key tools for semantic and technical interoperability: the CISE data and service models.

CISE for maritime surveillance

The Directorate-General (DG) Maritime Affairs and Fisheries led the CISE development since its inception using the support of the JRC and other Commission’s services to progress its implementation. With the ‘Review of the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for the maritime domain: 2014 - 2019’ (European Commission 2019), the Commission launched the CISE transitional phase, which is planned to end in 2023 and will lead to the CISE operational phase from 2024.

CISE Network


DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries entrusted the implementation of the transitional phase to the JRC and the European Union Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The JRC will exit from the project once CISE is operational. The current transitional phase implies the evolution from the pre-operational validation network delivered by the EUCISE2020 project to a new version of the CISE network that will set up an operational environment, including more and more authorities from Member States and EU agencies.