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Border Security

The JRC border security research supports the Commission's plans towards stronger external borders, improved border management, and information exchange.

JRC activity page border security


To ensure the security of the EU external Border, it is crucial to understand and address all its different dimensions (Sea, Land, Sky, Cyber) focusing both on people and goods.

The JRC explores new approaches and technology used and developed for border management, including the use of e-gates, the use of Artificial Intelligence, and behaviour detection for border management, not only from a technical point of view, but also from the political and users angle. To this extent, the JRC also looks into the social and societal impact and acceptance of new technologies used in border management and security.

The JRC supports the Commission department is responsible for EU policy on migration and home affairs (DG Home) and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex). JRC provides relevant research and technical assistance on border management and border security. This includes strategic risk analysis of the major threats and risks to EU borders and the definition of technical standards to ensure compatibility and interoperability of border control equipment in the EU Member States.

The JRC is also involved in the monitoring of research projects on border security funded under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, the development of performance assessment methodology for document inspection systems, the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security and the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS).