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Test the strength of your password with our free tool (JRC-PaStMe).

Download (zip file - full version)

This release comes with pre-trained matrices allowing you to immediately assess the strength of their passwords.

Download (zip file)

This release does not contain pre-trained data. You first need to train the required matrices with your own data to be able to test passwords.

What is the password strength meter PaStMe?

JRC-PaStMe is a tool allowing user to assess the strength of their password.

Our approach is different from others that generally rely to the NIST specification.

The password stregth meter is based on construction rules, e.g. minimum length, presence of capital letters, presence of special characters and digits, etc.

Our approach relies on four different modules.

  • Exhaustive search module - checks length of password, lowercase/uppercase, numbers, etc.
  • Blacklist Module - checks if the password is blacklisted (weak passwords list).
  • Adaptive module and
  • Hierarchical module - both use a pre-trained matrix to evaluate if a password is a fully random password (desired).

For more detail:

2 ФЕВРУАРИ 2022 Г.
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Decompress the application archive, make sure that all the required dll are within the same folder as the executable.

To use the pre-trained matrices, decompress the corresponding archive and place the matrices in the same folder than the executable one.


Simply launch the executable file

Mac & Linux

Install the mono package and then use the following command in a console: mono JRC-PastMe.exe

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