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Equity, inequality and fairness

This research topic covers areas such as

  • wealth and income inequality
  • tackling deprivation and exposure to risk
  • perception of fairness, impact of policies on fairness
  • gender dimension

Related news

  • News announcement

Launch of an online tool to monitor gender equality in the EU

On March 9th, the JRC presents the online Gender Strategy Monitoring Portal – a series of user-friendly interactive tools to explore specific topics related to the main dimensions of the Gender Equality Strategy.

Scientific tools

Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor

The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor is a tool designed to benchmark and boost the creative and cultural potential of European cities, which is vital to driving economic growth and social cohesion.

Gender Equality Strategy monitoring portal

The Gender Equality Strategy monitoring portal is an online tool accompanying the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025. It is designed to monitor the implementation of the Strategy by tracking performances across EU in its three main dimensions.

Urban Data Platform

The Urban Data Platform is a joint initiative of the DG JRC and DG Regional and Urban Policy. It provides an access point to exchange information on...

Activities on this topic


To provide a wider evidence base that can enhance EU policy aiming to achieve this goal, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) has embarked on a multi-year cross-national research project to study different aspects of fairness.

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Under different sustainable production and consumption policy strategies of the EU, the JRC provides crucial support by analysing the economic, social...

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JRC research focuses on the role of agriculture as provider of public goods, on the impacts of rural development policies on all the aspects of rural...