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This research topic covers areas such as

  • air, water, soil, forest
    • assessment of quality, ecological status
    • pollution, including impacts of compounds on the environment
  • land degradation, desertification and deforestation

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Scientific tools

Energy efficiency in fisheries

With the rising cost of fuel, energy efficiency in fisheries has become a key issue for the sector's profitability, and the European Commission...

Global Human Settlement Layer Scientific Tool

The Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) project aims to produce and analyse global built-up surface, population density and human settlement thematic maps to understand human presence on Planet Earth.

Laboratories and facilities

Networks and bureaus

Activities on this topic

Agricultural monitoring research at the JRC involves estimating cropproduction and supporting the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy...

The JRC provides essential support to policy for improving air quality, including initiatives to harmonise air quality monitoring processes and to...

The JRC provides support to the implementation of the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive using modelling simulations, remote sensing data...

Our seas, oceans and coasts are important resources for the EU. The livelihoods of many citizens depend on the sea – fisheries of course, but also...

The JRC supports the European Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection, addressing areas such as erosion, contamination, compaction, landslides andloss...

The JRC provides scientific support to the implementation of European policies that aim to ensure the preservation of freshwater ecosystems through...