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Economic and industrial development

This research topic covers areas such as

  • access to capital
  • prosumers
  • green and circular economy
  • knowledge economy
  • digital revolution and data explosion i.e. Internet of Things
  • world corporate R&D investors
  • growth of innovative enterprises
  • fragility of the global production systems
  • resilience of global value chain
  • competitiveness of EU industry in global value chains and linkages to regional ecosystems

Related news

Scientific tools

ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal

The ASEM Sustainable Connectivity Portal offers a wealth of data to explore the degree of connectivity between 51 European and Asian countries at political, institutional, economic and social levels and assess their sustainability performance.

Urban Data Platform

The Urban Data Platform is a joint initiative of the DG JRC and DG Regional and Urban Policy. It provides an access point to exchange information on...

Networks and bureaus

  • research body

European IPPC Bureau

The European IPPC Bureau was set up in 1997 to organise an information exchange between the European Commission, EU Member States, industry and environmental non-governmental organisations on Best Available Techniques (BAT) used to control industrial pollution.

  • research body

European Product Bureau

The consumption and production of products is responsible for a large number of environmental problems, ranging from pollution to air, water and soil to increased resource consumption and also negative health impacts.

Activities on this topic

Digital Economy

JRC is investigating how the on-going digital revolution and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are affecting the economy and what are...

Green and circular economy

JRC scientific and technical support to policies for a more circular EU economy is necessarily based on a lifecycle approach, so that all relevant...

ICT industry and ICT R&D in Europe

Quantitative evidence is needed on a regular basis in order to monitor progress and impact of ICT-related innovation. The JRC undertakes such mapping...

Input-output economics

Under different sustainable production and consumption policy strategies of the EU, the JRC provides crucial support by analysing the economic, social...

Sustainable Product Policy

The JRC supports the implementation of European sustainable product policies such as EU Ecolabel, Green Public Procurement, Eco-design of Energy...

Sustainable production and consumption

The JRC supports the EU’s sustainable development work through research such as helping to improve the environmental impact of industry and organisations.