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This research topic covers areas such as

  • support to the implementation of Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • support to the Convention on chemical and biological weapons
  • strategic trade control

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JRC co-chairing the ITWG annual meeting

The event marks 25 Years Strengthening Nuclear Security.The Nuclear Forensics International Technical Working Group (ITWG) held its 25th annual...

Scientific tools

Global Human Settlement Layer Scientific Tool

The Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) project aims to produce and analyse global built-up surface, population density and human settlement thematic maps to understand human presence on Planet Earth.


The TRANSURANUS fuel performance code is a key instrument for the thermal, mechanical and neutron-physical analysis of a cylindrical fuel rod in...

Activities on this topic

The European Clearinghouse initiative on Nuclear Power Plants Operational Experience Feedback (“EU Clearinghouse”) has been set up in support of EU...

JRC carries out a significant amount of research, and provides the EU with support in the area of illicit trafficking of nuclear including prevention...

Global safety and security research at the JRC provides support to EU policies addressing global security and crisis management. Itincludes...

JRC carries out analysis of proliferation concerns by combining nuclear fuel cycle expertise with export control and trade analysis.