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Civil security

This research topic covers areas such as

  • early warning for conflicts and instability
  • prevention of conflicts/instability
  • improving delivery of humanitarian aid
  • comprehensive approach to fragility (linking relief, rehabilitation and development)
  • building resilience of affected populations and host communities
  • crisis situations, food security and resilience

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Scientific tools

Global Human Settlement Layer Scientific Tool

The Global Human Settlement Layer (GHSL) project aims to produce and analyse global built-up surface, population density and human settlement thematic maps to understand human presence on Planet Earth.


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Activities on this topic

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Aviation security refers to the prevention of acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation, such as seizure of an aircraft or placing a...

Border Security

The JRC border security research supports the Commission's plans towards stronger external borders, improved border management, and information exchange.

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Drones, counter drones and autonomous systems

The development of drone (unmanned aircraft systems - UAS) services supported by a competitive industry can strongly support Europe and contribute to the post-COVID 19 recovery and to the future resilience of the EU economy.

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Nuclear safeguards and security measures aim to stop the proliferation of nuclear arms and illicit trafficking of nuclear and radiological materials...

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Preventing industrial accidents

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