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EU Science Hub

This research topic covers areas such as

  • scientific and technical inputs to CAP development: towards a land management approach
  • crop yield forecasts in EU and Neighbourhood countries
  • resource scarcity (land/soil, minerals, water, food, energy, forests, biomass, biodiversity) and economic competition
  • economy of natural resources including bioeconomy and critical raw materials
  • raw materials – stocks and flows
  • alternatives for scarce resources including new sources (e.g. from space)
  • resource conflicts (i.e. water, minerals, agriculture)
  • global resource use
  • sustainable management of renewable resources (including sustainable forest management, fisheries, soils, water, forests, and biodiversity)
  • global land use and vegetation
  • ecosystems and their services and natural capital accounting
  • oceans as a resource for energy, food production and minerals
  • mega cities and urbanisation including impact of urban sprawl on resources
  • role of education and social aspects