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Energy transmission and distribution systems

This research topic covers areas such as

  • energy systems dedicated to future electricity and CHP generation, including smart grids, smart meters, storage on all levels and decentralised energy management
  • heating and cooling networks
  • new energy & power storage systems, including batteries
  • interoperability and interaction of systems including hybrid systems
  • resilience of energy infrastructures and transmission systems
  • consumer/prosumer behaviour and its opportunities for the flexibility and management of the decentralised system
  • traceability and labelling of energy sources
  • digitisation of the energy sector, including data-intensive systems for control, operational planning and management of multi-stakeholders' energy systems
  • cybersecurity, data privacy (including accessibility of data to service providers) and resilience of energy distribution system i.e. intelligent systems and smart grids
  • governance and regulation of trans-national energy systems
  • energy diplomacy regarding energy transmission systems, contributing to an energy independent Europe