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The Labour, Education and Technology working paper series

The JRC Working Papers on Labour, Education and Technology (LET) address economic, social and policy questions related to the changing nature of work, skills and education as a result of technological progress.

Working papers

Guidelines for authors

The working papers (WPs) are mainly addressed to policy analysts and the academic community, these are policy-relevant scientific papers which will be typically issued before they are submitted to peer-reviewed scientific journals. The working papers are useful to communicate to a broad audience the preliminary research findings of the work we develop, to generate discussion and to attract critical comments for further improvements. The working papers are considered work in progress and are subject to revision.

The LET series should contain robust quantitative and qualitative analyses on the main subject. The focus of the working papers can be either more scientific or more policy-oriented. Both types of WPs should demonstrate to have a solid scientific or policy basis, with adequate references. The content of the WPs that are more scientific oriented are expected to hold a discussion on the possible policy implications from the results of the analytical section.

All submission should be in English, and sent to

Must all the proposed Working Papers have a EU perspective?

The papers should be connected with the EU employment, social and education policy framework. The Editors privilege the EU or multi-country/multi-regional dimensions. Nonetheless, papers that have a narrower or non-EU focus, provide an outstanding or novel methodological approach or provide a significant case-study with telling implications for science and policy are also welcome.

Should the JRC Working Papers on Labour, Education and Technology be authored solely by JRC authors?

Authors from all organisations are welcome. The editorial decision to accept a proposed paper will be taken on a case-by-case basis on the basis of scientific quality, policy relevance and editorial focus. Nonetheless, the Editorial Board would especially welcome contributions with some recognisable association with the JRC Growth and Innovation directorate, such as those that have been presented at a JRC workshop, stem from research financed by JRC, or are co-authored by a JRC authors.

What is the quality control procedure?

The content of the paper will first be examined by the series coordinators Matteo Sostero and Sergio Torrejón Pérez, by the LET Editorial Board members, and then by at least two peer-reviews. An English editing of the text should be implemented before final publication. 

How are JRC Working Papers on Labour, Education and Technology disseminated?

The working Papers will be disseminated via the following channels: