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JRC Changing nature of work and education team


The JRC Changing nature of work and education team consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers and policy analysts joining from different units of the JRC. The team brings together a wide range of expertise in the analysis of labour markets, the nature of jobs, education systems, skills dynamics, and the welfare state. The team’s work is disseminated widely in different formats, including technical reports, policy briefings, academic journal articles, working papers, and collaborative studies with external academic experts and international organisations.


Digitalisation, globalisation, climate change, and demographic shifts are sparking profound changes in the world of work. These changes raise crucial questions about the quantity and quality of our jobs, the inclusiveness of social protection systems, the skills we need in future, and what policies work in shaping these outcomes. The JRC Changing nature of work and education aims to inform policymakers on these complex issues by conducting research in the following areas:

  • The Future of Work: Job quality, employment structure, new forms of work, inequality
  • Education: Skills’ labour market relevance, education outcomes, education systems
  • Welfare States: Design of social protection systems, universality, social investments

The team is also part of the JRC Foresight Network, and contributes to foresight knowledge management projects such as Megatrend Hub & Horizon Scanning Platform in the area of the Future of Green Jobs, Skills and Education.

Team members