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Ultrasonic sealing bolt for dry applications (JDS)

The present invention relates to the safety and automatic integrity control of container for nuclear material in dry storage areas and similar applications with a standard bolt. The solutions used until now had important drawbacks such as short...


Publication date
5 November 2014


The secure and safe dry sealing of casks with the newly developed compact sealing bolt consists in replacing one of the bolts of the primary lid without modification to the cask body or to the lid itself. The identification bolt can be easily installed or removed in any environmental conditions.

The ultrasonic sealing bolt allows confirmation of correct installation and locking to the container. By interrogating the bolt, inspectors can verify the opening of the cask or any tampering attempt.

The bolt is designed in such a way to support harsh temperature and radiation conditions. It can be used in automated and remote removing or verification procedures. Moreover, it is a particularity of this new bolt to maintain a proper answer to any integrity check over a period of several years.

Application areas

  • Nuclear inspections
  • Nuclear and atomic agencies
  • Nuclear and atomic companies

Innovative aspects and main advantages

  • User-friendly system, easiness of use
  • Seal and cask are identified univocally
  • Low production and maintenance costs
  • Ultrasonic control of integrity is quick and easy
  • Control is automatic and remote
  • Allows long term traceability of nuclear casks


Ultrasonic sealing bolt for dry applications (JDS)