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SETIS Geothermal Magazine


Publication date
10 June 2015


The SETIS magazine aims at delivering timely information and analysis on the state of play of energy technologies, related research and innovation efforts in support of the implementation of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

The current issue is dedicated to Geothermal energy.

This issue's editorial and interviews

The editorial for the Geothermal energy issue is provided by European Energy Council (EGEC) Secretary General Philippe Dumas. This issue also hosts interviews by:

Thomas Novak – European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) Secretary General

Ernst Huenges – EERA Geothermal Joint Programme Coordinator

Contributions by EC services on ongoing work

A contribution from DG RTD discusses past research and innovation in Geothermal energy in the context of Framework Programme 7 and looks forward to research topics addressed through Horizon 2020. In addition, the JRC offers an overview of the technology, market and economic aspects of geothermal energy in Europe drawn from the recent publication of the Geothermal Energy Status report.

SETIS Geothermal Magazine cover
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