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History & Bug fixes

2020-09-25 PVGIS 5.2. Hour shift in PVGIS-ERA5 fixed

There was an hour shift on the irradiation values coming from PVGIS-ERA5. This was also causing abnormal spikes towards the end of the day for tracking-mounting systems and inclined planes in general. We stress this was not an issue for the main PVGIS-SARAH2 database. 

2020-09-25 PVGIS tools. Search location by address problem solved

The problem in PVGIS tools when searching for a location by its address has been solved. So, in addition to defining a location by its coordinates or directly selecting its position on the map, it is again possible to define a location by its address.

2020-05-29 PVGIS tools. Search location by address

The option to search for a location by defining its address in PVGIS tools is temporarily not working properly. However, it is still possible to define the location by its latitude and longitude coordinates. We are working to fix problem.

In the meantime, you could use to search for a location by its address. The map will then be centred at the said location and the url in the address bar of the web browser will be updated accordingly with the coordinates of the defined address (eg. You can then use these coordinates in PVGIS.

2020-05-07 Updated maps in the user interface

The source of the Open Streeet Map and label layers in the user interface is changed to the OSM data managed by the European Commission's GISCO service and accessible from the Webtools site. The previous layers contained some inconsistencies regarding place names and disputed areas.

2019-12-17 Hotfix

Off-grid PV systems:

  • The default hourly consumption profile is defined for UTC time, which for UTC 0 time zone location corresponds to local time, but this was not correctly translated to the user's selected longitude. The calculations in PVGIS are internally made in UTC, so the above error resulted in an under estimation of both battery and module requirements. This deviation was greater the further the location was from the zero meridian.
  • The calculations with user-defined hourly consumption profiles were only correct if the time format supplied was UTC, but this was not specified in the documentation. This has been changed. All user-defined consumption profiles must be given in standard local time, without applying daylight saving offsets.
2019-12-03 PVGIS 5.1
  • See the release note, which includes the list of fixed bugs.
2017-09-01 PVGIS 5