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The third pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe: The RHOMOLO assessment


JRC nr: JRC114088
30. november 2018


The Investment Plan for Europe aims at removing obstacles to investment, providing visibility and technical assistance to investment projects, and at making smarter use of financial resources. The Investment Plan is made up of three pillars: the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI); the European Investment Advisory Hub and the European Investment Project Portal; and the removal of regulatory barriers to investment. Policy simulations using the RHOMOLO dynamic CGE model show positive aggregate macro-economic effects of the EFSI. This Policy Insight contains the result of an additional set of RHOMOLO simulations aimed at quantifying the macroeconomic impact of the legislative proposals contained in the third pillar of the Investment Plan. The EU GDP is expected to be 1.5% higher by 2030 thanks to the removal of barriers to investment in the areas of the Capital Markets Union, the Single Market Strategy, the Digital Single Market, and the Energy Union. This entails the creation of about one million of jobs across the entire EU.


CHRISTENSEN Martin, CONTE Andrea, DI PIETRO Filippo, LECCA Patrizio, MANDRAS Giovanni, SALOTTI Simone


2. VEEBRUAR 2022
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