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The RHOMOLO-IO modelling framework: a flexible Input-Output tool for policy analysis


JRC nr: JRC117725
Publication date
26 August 2019


This Technical Report describes the features of the RHOMOLO-IO model and demonstrates its flexibility by showing a number of recent policy-relevant applications for which it has been used. Such applications include, for instance, the study of the European Globalisation Fund, of four TEN-T investment projects, of the European research and innovation regional funds, and of regulatory proposals on the energy union in the EU. The paper contains traditional input-output multipliers analyses applied to output, GDP, and employment, as well as consumption redistribution and trade analyses. The flexibility of the RHOMOLO-IO framework makes it useful for a wide range of policy-relevant studies and makes it a perfect complement to the spatial computable general equilibrium RHOMOLO.


MANDRAS Giovanni, CONTE Andrea, SALOTTI Simone


(2.69 MB - PDF)