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R&D Intensive Corporations and the Job Market: The Danish Case


Identifikacijski podaci
JRC nr: JRC112709
Datum objave
22 listopad 2018


In this Issue

  • To boost job creation, the labour market role of big multinationals
  • Large R&D investing companies operating in Denmark act as agents of skill upgrading, rather than destroying mid-skill jobs through job polarisation
  • However, workers employed by these companies tend to move within such elite (i.e. remaining in the ‘Champion’s League’) rather than moving to other non-multinational indigenous firms
  • Scoreboard companies, domestic and foreign, pay higher wages for a given occupation compared to other firms; they also show a higher wage growth


GRASSANO Nicola, COAD Alexander, HOLM Jacob, OSTERGAARD Christian, TIMMERMANS Bram, VEZZANI Antonio


2 VELJAČA 2022
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