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Impact of the Covid-19 confinement measures on telework in Italy - A qualitative survey


Identifikacijski podaci
JRC nr: JRC122730
Datum objave
19 studeni 2020


This technical report presents the results of a qualitative survey conducted in April and May 2020 with 25 workers who worked in the telework regime – either full-time or part-time – during the lock-down period following the epidemic of Covid-19 in Italy. The report analyses the consequences of the transition to telework along three main dimensions: work organisation, job quality and worklife balance. We show how workers telework experience during the lock-down is extremely heterogeneous across the employment structure, depending on a number of factors and variables such as the level of skills, the type of work, the task content, the intensity of ICT use and workers’ gender and household composition.


MORO Angelo


2 VELJAČA 2022
(1.3 MB - PDF)