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Determination of bromate in drinking water (proficiency test)

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2013 m. sausio 29 d.


Determination of bromate in drinking water (proficiency test)

IMEP-25b was a campaign for laboratories involved in water quality monitoring activities. This interlaboratory comparison dealth with the determination of bromate in drinking and swimming pool water in support to the Drinking Water Directive. The sample matrix included in the exercise were mineral water, soft drinking water, hard drinking water, surface water, river water, swimming pool water and a bromate standard solution.

Characteristic for this study is its high metrological standard. This may be of particular interest to those who were involved in drinking water quality monitoring activities. The measurement results were evaluated against traceable reference values where possible, and uncertainty statements when provided by participants were included in the evaluation. Participating in IMEP-25b also helped laboratories to benchmark their performance with peers throughout Europe.

This exercise was open to all laboratories.

Reporting of results:deadline 25/08/2009
Reporting to participants:November 2009
Sample dispatch:July 2009
Year:2009-01-01 00:00:00


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