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Determination of methyl mercury in seafood


4 december 2012


Determination of methyl mercury in seafood

The IMEP-115 focuses on the determination of methyl mercury in seafood.
This interlaboratory comparison (ILC) aims for the validation of a method (collaborative trial) for the determination of methyl mercury in seafood and is organised in support to the Commission Regulation 1881/2006. The method is based on a double liquid-liquid extraction, first with an organic solvent and then with a cysteine solution. The final quantification is done with a direct mercury analyzer.
Participation in IMEP-115 is mandatory for all NRLs having experience in direct mercury analysis. Due to limitations in the amount of the test material available for the exercise, only 15 registrations will be accepted. This number covers all NRL's having experience in this type of analysis and leaves some extra samples for control laboratory that may wish to participate.

Keep in mind that the aim of this exercise is to test the performance of the method not of the laboratory. The protocol must be strictly followed.

Registration is free of charge.

Test materials and analytes

The test material to be analysed is five seafood foodstuff samples with unknown concentrations (concentration range 0.010-1.000 mg as Hg kg-1) will be sent out for the statistical validation of the method (10g in each bottle). Two bottles will be sent from each test sample. The measurand is methyl mercury in freeze-dried seafood samples.

General outline of the exercise

Participants are requested to perform 1-3 independent analyses following the method protocol submitted together with the test items to each bottle in two different days. Participants should report the mean (for each bottle), its expanded uncertainty and coverage factor k. Detailed instructions will be sent together with the sample.

Reporting of results:Deadline 7 September 2012
Reporting to participants:First quarter of 2013
Sample dispatch:End of June 2012
Year:2012-01-01 00:00:00


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