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Analysis of heavy metals in mineral feed


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29 Jannar 2013


Analysis of heavy metals in mineral feed

Proficiency test on heavy metals in mineral feed

The European Union Reference Laboratory for Heavy Metals in Feed and Food in the frame of Directive 2002/32/EC, and contributing to the implementation of high quality and uniform analytical results, organised a proficiency test on the determination of heavy metals in mineral feed.

The main objective of this exercise was to evaluate the capabilities of nominated national reference laboratories in the determination of heavy metals according to Directive 2002/32/EC.

Only appointed national reference laboratories could participate in this exercise.

Test materials and analytes

The test material to be analysed was mineral feed. One bottle/participant was sent to the participants in the second half of October 2010. The measurands were total arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead and mercury and extractable amounts of cadmium and lead.

General outline of the exercise

Participants were requested to perform two or three independent analyses using the method of their choice for the determination of the measurands and using a method agreed upon at the 4th Workshop organised by the EU-RL.

Reporting of results:deadline 30 November 2010
Reporting to participants:March 2011
Sample dispatch:second half of October 2010
Year:2010-01-01 00:00:00


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