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Ergot alkaloids in cereals

Determination of ergot alkaloids in rye


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27. března 2017


Determination of ergot alkaloids in rye

The European Union Reference Laboratory for Mycotoxins organises a proficiency test on the determination of ergot alkaloids in cereals.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the proficiency of the European National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) and Official Food Control Laboratories (OCLs) on the determination of ergot alkaloids which were identified as priority by the European Food Safety Authority and for which maximum levels can be expected in the near future.

NRLs for Mycotoxins and OCLs appointed by NRLs can participate in the study.

Participation is free of charge for the NRLs for Mycotoxins. For OCLs which do not have NRL status the participation fee is 270 EUR.

Test material and analytes

One test item will be provided consisting of a naturally contaminated rye product. Participants will be asked to analyse the 6 ergot alkaloids (and the corresponding –inine epimers) mentioned in the Commission Recommendation 2012/154/EU. Additional ergot alkaloids can be reported voluntarily, but will not be benchmarked. The participants will be asked to report their results corrected for recoveries and accompanied by the respective measurement uncertainties.

Further details will be communicated to the participants at a later stage.

Performance assessment

The performance of the participants will be rated by z-scores and zeta-scores.


NRLs for Mycotoxins and OCLs appointed by NRLs are welcome to participate in the study. The planned deadlines are given below.

Reporting of results:End of June 2017
Reporting to participants:Second semester of 2017
Sample dispatch:Mid-May 2017
Year:2017-01-01 00:00:00
Contact:JRC-EURL-MYCOTOXatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (JRC-EURL-MYCOTOX[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


19. PROSINCE 2017
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