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Functionalization and characterization of bioengineered surfaces and nanoparticles for biomedical and biosensing applications

Biosensing devices are ubiquitous in many domains of application ranging from industrial process control to environment monitoring and healthcare. In particular, detection platform surface properties play a key role in the sensing performance, determining not only the intrinsic properties and functionalities but also their mode of interactions with biological environments.
Thus, to obtain reliable and reproducible detection devices the development of reliable characterization methods and protocols of the surface chemistry is of a paramount importance.
To this aim, the project plan to combine state of the art surface characterization tools with molecular dynamic simulation to obtain a better insight on the relationship between surface physicochemical properties and surface bioactivity. This will allow developing a model for anticipating and tailoring the properties of bio-engineered surfaces. In this respect, the access to the analytical tools of the JRC is of a paramount importance to assess the reproducibility and the robustness of the model.

Call for proposal: Nanobiotechnology laboratory

Lead institution

Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Presentation of the EDSC feasibility Study
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Ενδιαφερόμενα μέρη

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