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The JRC "Integrated Database of the European Energy System" (JRC-IDEES) is a one-stop data-box that incorporates in a single database all information necessary for a deep understanding of the dynamics of the European energy system, so as to better analyse the past and to create a robust basis for future policy assessments.

JRC-IDEES offers a consistent set of disaggregated energy-economy-environment data, compliant with the EUROSTAT energy balances, as well as widely acknowledged data on existing technologies. It provides a plausible decomposition of energy consumption, allocating it to specific processes and end-uses.

Throughout all sectors it quantifies in a vintage-specific manner the characteristics of the energy (and non-energy related) equipment in use, along with the stock's average operation, identifies different drivers and provides insights on their role by sector, fully acknowledging structural differences across countries. An iterative consultation process aims at further improving the data reliability.

By making JRC-IDEES publicly available and revise it periodically in order to address experts' and stakeholders' comments, it can become a cost-free common reference point for energy futures assessments, thereby also avoiding redundant work. JRC-IDEES is developed and maintained by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.

Data access

The JRC-IDEES database is made available through the JRC Data Catalogue.

Use conditions

The JRC-IDEES is intended to be used in-line with the reuse policy of the European Commission. We ask you not to share JRC-IDEES with a wide audience of non-registered members of the RCP, but rather invite them to request access.

The license related information can be found at: