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The Joint Research Centre acknowledges the support provided by other services of the European Commission in developing the POTEnCIA model. In particular, this work was supported through the following Administrative Agreements between DG JRC and DGs ENER and CLIMA:

  • 'Economic Analysis of Energy Scenarios' (ENER A4)
  • 'Support to the Development of EU and International GHG Mitigation Modelling' (CLIMA A4)
  • 'Modelling and Analysis of Renewable Energy Options and Policies' (ENER C1)
  • 'Improved Modelling of Energy Efficiency' (ENER C3)
  • 'Enhanced JRC Modelling of Renewable Energies' (ENER C1)
  • 'Analysis and modelling of mitigation scenarios' (CLIMA A4)

The development of POTEnCIA further benefited from the input received through the CLIMA-ENER-MOVE-JRC working group on energy, transport and climate change economic modelling.