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The PESETA II output consists of several sectoral studies on individual biophysical impacts of climate change, as well as the main report, which features economic analysis and brings together the key messages.

The main report can be accessed at JRC Publications site:

Ciscar J-C (ed.), 2014.
Climate Impacts in Europe, The JRC PESETA II Project
JRC Scientific and Policy Reports, European Commission Joint Research Centre

The following sectoral reports are also available:

Agriculture (2020-2030)

Donatelli, M., Srivastava, A., Fumagalli, D., Zucchini, A., Niemeyer, S. (2012b).
Agricultural yields under Climate Change impact and Potential adaptation strategies at EU-27. Results of the PESETA II Project.
JRC Scientific and Policy Reports. Ispra, Italy, JRC78242.


Dowling, P. (2013).
The Impact of Climate Change on the European Energy System
Energy Policy 60:406-417. doi: 10.1016/j.enpol.2013.05.093.

River floods

Rojas, R., Feyen, L., Watkiss, P. (2013).
Climate change and river floods in the European Union: Socio-economic consequences and the costs and benefits of adaptation
Global Environ. Change 23(6):1737–1751. doi: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2013.08.006.


Forzieri, G., Feyen, L., Rojas, R., Flörke, M., Wimmer, F., Bianchi, A. (2014).
Ensemble projections of future streamflow droughts in Europe
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 18:85-108. doi: 10.5194/hess-18-85-2014.

Forest fires

Camia, A., Liberta, G., San-Miguel-Ayanz, J. (2017) .
Modeling the impacts of climate change on forest fire danger in Europe: Sectorial results of the PESETA II Project
JRC Technical Reports. doi: 10.2760/768481.

Transport infrastructure

Nemry, F., Demirel, H. (2012).
Transport and Climate Change: a Focus on Road and Rail Infrastructures
JRC Scientific and Policy Reports 25553 EN.


Barrios S., Ibañez J.N. (2013).
Tourism demand, climatic conditions and transport costs: an integrated analysis for EU regions. Report for the PESETA II study on the impact of climate change in Europe.
JRC Scientific and Policy Reports 25937 EN. doi: 10.2791/95841.

Habitat suitability of forest tree species

de Rigo, D., Caudullo, G., San-Miguel-Ayanz, J., Barredo, J.I. (2017).
Robust modelling of the impacts of climate change on the habitat suitability of forest tree species
JRC Technical Reports. doi: 10.2760/296501.

Human Health

Paci, D. (2014).
Human Health Impacts of Climate Change in Europe. Report for the PESETA II project
JRC Scientific and Policy Reports 26494 EN. doi: 10.2791/64481.