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Publication in PNAS

The summary of the project results and methodology has been published in PNAS: Juan-Carlos Ciscar, Ana Iglesias, Luc Feyen, László Szabó, Denise Van Regemorter, Bas Amelunge, Robert Nicholls, Paul Watkiss, Ole B. Christensen, Rutger Dankers, Luis Garrote, Clare M. Goodess, Alistair Hunt, Alvaro Moreno, Julie Richards, and Antonio Soria (2011) "Physical and economic consequences of climate change in Europe".

PNAS Correction Web, 16 August 2011

Publication in special issue of Climatic Change

The multidisciplinary scientific journal Climatic Change has just published on-line the nine articles of the special issue about the PESETA project. The articles describe in detail the overall project methodology and the sectoral methods and results for each of the impact categories, as well as the economic integration of impacts. The hyperlinks to the articles can be found in this page.

Final Results Reports

The project has been completed in November 2009, please find the following reports: final report , agriculture report, coastal systems, human health, and tourism.

Interim results

EC Communication (January 2007)

Preliminary results of PESETA have been published in the Staff Working Paper accompanying the EC Communication on "Limiting Global Climate Change to 2 degrees Celsius. The way ahead for 2020 and beyond".

The preliminary results for the Floods sectoral study are available at: Feyen L., Dankers R., Barredo J.I., Kalas M., Bódis K., de Roo A., and Lavalle C. "PESETA- Flood risk in Europe in a changing climate" ( EUR_22313.pdf)

Green Paper on Adaptation to Climate Change (June 2007)

Early results on the impacts for the various sectors have been published in the Green Paper" Adapting to climate change in Europe - options for EU action", and in its Annex.

Explanatory notes on the results (methods of calculation, interpretation and limitation) can be found at the following links:

Reference in the Green Paper on adaptation
Background climate projections
(temperature and precipitation)
Figure 1 and Figure 2
AgricultureFigure 10
TourismFigure 11
Human healthFigure 9
River floodsFigure 8
Coastal areasFigure 3