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D&WM Programme management

The Programme currently includes more than 100 projects.

It focuses on

  • waste management facilities realisation/refurbishment,
  • decommissioning of shutdown nuclear facilities and
  • management of radioactive waste and nuclear material.

The programme is a long-term nuclear enterprise. It spans four decades, and requiring significant financial and human resources.

The programme evolution, schedules and the budget are constantly monitored and controlled.

Planning and project management

The first phase:

  • maintenance in a safe condition of the shutdown installations

  • refurbishment and construction of waste management facilities

  • management of the existing waste

  • reduction of the site inventory of nuclear material

The second phase

  • decommissioning of the shutdown installations

  • management of the resulting waste

  • transfer of such waste to the Italian repository.

The third phase:

  • decommissioning of installations still in use, including the waste management facilities

  • management of the resulting waste

  • transfer of such waste to the Italian repository.

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is the progress method chosen for the programme.

We plan and track the impact of each project on the goals, benefits, risks, resources and costs.

The budget plan provides the basis for financial management and control throughout the programme.

The annual work plan focuses on detailed programme information. It includes scope, schedule and estimated budget of the work planned in the short-term (up to three years).

To control the output of the programme, we produce:

  • Quaterly work report.

  • Annual work report. This report details progress, including budget and schedule status.

Budget control

At an operational level, the JRC reserves the role of "sponsor"; managerial oversight and monitoring.

We ensure the capacity, competence and qualifications of the D&WM staff. If needed, we enhance those capabilities with training.

For work in specialised areas we use expert external skills (specialised studies, manufacturing of equipment and works on site).