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Mattia Ricci

Portrait of Mattia Ricci


Mattia is an Economist working in the Fiscal Policy Analysis team at the JRC-Seville. His current work focuses on the area of fiscal policy and green taxation. Mattia is also part of the team working on the transfer of the microsimulation model EUROMOD from the University of Essex to the Commission.

Before joining the JRC in 2020, Mattia worked as Economic Advisor for the UK Communication Regulator (Ofcom) and for one of the UK Independent Fiscal Institutions (the Fiscal Commission). Mattia has also teaching experience in dynamic macroeconomics and introduction to economics.

Mattia holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Glasgow. He also holds a MRes in Economics from the University Carlos III (Madrid, Spain) and a BA in Economics from the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy).

His main research interests focuses in the area of macroeconomics and fiscal policy.