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Marco Ratto is senior scientist at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy, where he leads the project MACFIS (Macro-economic and fiscal surveillance). He studied engineering at the University of Genoa and obtained his Ph.D in Engineering in 1998.

His current research covers various aspects of macro-economic modelling and related methodological and computational tools. Recent macro modelling projects include the estimation of medium/large scale DSGE models, addressing issues like current account adjustments in EMU countries and in the global economy, post-crisis slump and business cycle heterogeneity, cross-country and global spillovers and the use of DSGE models in forecasting. On the methodological side, he develops methods for parallel computation, sensitivity and identification analysis for DSGE models, and contributes to the DYNARE project.

He is coauthor of about 40 papers in peer reviewed journals, in different fields of modelling (engineering, environmental and computer sciences, macro-economics). Most of the works in macro-economics can be accessed at his RePEc author profile.