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Policy Applications

As part of the definition, implementation and review of EU policies, legislation and other measures, the European Commission performs impact assessments to examine potential economic, social and environmental consequences and evaluate options and improve the effectiveness of EU actions.

The Land-Use-Based Integrated Sustainability Assessment (LUISA) modelling platform supports the policy design of different services of the European Commission and provides a comprehensive, consistent and harmonised analysis of the impacts of policies and/or specific proposals.

Amongst others, LUISA has been applied for:

  • Integrated Coastal Zones Management (input to Impact Assessment)
  • Common Agricultural Policy (post 2013, formal Impact Assessment)
  • Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources (formal Impact Assessment)
  • Implementation of the ENER-CLIMA Reference Scenario
  • Assessment of Shale Gas extraction in Poland and Germany (formal Impact Assessment)
  • Resource Efficiency Roadmap
  • Regional and Cohesion Policy
  • Modelling of ecosystems and ecosystem services (MAES)

The contribution to the 6th Cohesion Policy report is an example of explicit policy support, based upon a long-term liaison between the JRC and the Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO).