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Laboratories & facilities

The JRC maintains a wide range of laboratories and research facilities across five EU countries and six sites.


Laboratories & facilities (43)

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Aviation Security Laboratory

AVSEC comprises a selection of security screening equipment representative of that found in EU airports for screening passengers, cabin baggage and...

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  • ECML

European Crisis Management Laboratory

The JRC's European Crisis Management Laboratory carries out research across a diverse range of areas including intentional threats, natural disasters...

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European Nuclear Security Training Centre

The European Nuclear Security Training Centre (EUSECTRA) instructs front-line officers, trainers and experts on how to detect and respond to illicit...

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  • ESTI

European Solar Test Installation

The JRC's European Solar Test Installation carries out research on reliable and accurate measurements for photovoltaic devices and supports the EU in...

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  • ETDL

Explosives Trace Detection Laboratory

Explosives trace detection laboratory conducts research in support of European Commission Mobility and Transport's aviation security (AVSEC)...

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  • FCM

Food Contact Materials Laboratory

The Food Contact Materials (FCM) laboratory develops guidelines and tools for the implementation of legislation, performs pre-normative research on...

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  • FSC laboratory

Food Safety & Compliance Laboratory

The Food Safety & Compliance (FSC) laboratory is the analytical facility supporting food and feed safety and compliance policies.The FSC lab forms an...

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Fuel Cells And Electrolyser Testing Facilities

We support technology assessment and progress monitoring as well as developments in harmonisation and standardisation through the validation of testing protocols, test procedures and measurement methods for the performance assessment of fuel cells and electrolysers.

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High Pressure Gas Testing Facility

The JRC's High Pressure Gas Testing Facility carries out research and testing on high pressure vehicle tanks for hydrogen (H2) or natural gas (CH4).

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  • HC-KA

Hot Cell Laboratory

The hot cell laboratory consists of 24 shielded hot cells where highly radioactive materials (including full length light water reactor pins) can be...

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Innovative Sensors Laboratory

In the framework of activities to support the migration priority the lab focused on cutting-edge work to help fighting irregular migration (early...