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EU Science Hub

Schedule 2022

EUSECTRA Provisional Workshops & Trainings Planning 2022  [28th February 2022]

NR.Event Title: DescriptionLocation / VenueDateWeek Nr.Coutry(ies)Possible Collaboration / CoordinationStatus
1NSDD/MS support 1Online/JRC Karlsruhe21-25 March12  Canceled
2NL FLOJRC Karlsruhe30 May - 3June22NL Confirmed
3APEX training JRC Karlsruhe27 June - 1st July26 IAEA/DG ENERConfirmed
4BfS 1 JRC Karlsruhe 4 - 7 July27GermanyBfSConfirmed
5BMWG meetingJRC Karlsruhe6-8 Sept36  Confirmed
6RCSM TajikistanOnline/JRC Karlsruhe12-16 Sept37Tajiikistan tbc
7Preparation NDA RefresherJRC Karlsruhe22-23 September38 IAEA/DG ENERtbc
8Workshop SerbiaSerbia22-23 Sept38  tbc
9NDA Refresher 1JRC Karlsruhe26 -30 September39 IAEA/DG ENERtbc
10APEX training 2JRC Karlsruhe10-14 October41  confirmed
11BMWG meetingJRC Karlsruhe18-20 October42  confirmed
12RCSM HOME 1JRC Karlsruhe24-28 Oct43  tbc
13BfS 2JRC Karlsruhe14-17 Nov46GermanyBfStbc
14RCSM HOME 2JRC Karlsruhe28 Nov - 2 Dec48  tbc

tbc: to be confirmed